once day at football field

Radhinal : Hello I am Radhinal can i be friend with you?And can i know your know name?
Robi        : Oh sure, i am Robi i live in bandung and doing some footbal practice in here? are you                           want to join us? Or watching me practicing?
Radhinal :Hahaha, im here for practicing football because there is some big event that will be hold at                  my school.
Robi        :By the way where are you live?Im live in cipaera street.
Radhinal :I live at pelesiran street , Now im 13 years old and i was born in bandung,03 May                                  2004,And you?
Robi        : Well, im 14 years old and i was born in Garut,27 March 2002. I dont know where                                 pelesiran is, Where is it?
Radhinal :Hmm, its near with balubur town square, you know? Its like a big market and furniture                        shop.
Robi        :Do you have any hobbies? beside football?
Radhinal :  Well, ehmm Swimming and reading manga. 
Robi : Owh no, my coaches is calling me for practice, i have to leave now. Farewell Radhinal, nice to meet you and know you. Bye 
Radhinal : Well nice to meet you too. Bye


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