Natural hill lembang

Jumat 10 November 2017

We went to Natural Hill Lembang, in order to do Campr't. Campr't is a program from school every term. The function of Campr't was making us braver,stronger, more diligent, and more independent.

We went there from our school at 8 o'clock. We arrived at 9 o'clock. We prepared our tent for 30 minute, then we had to move to the main field and did flag ceremony. After we did flag ceremony we played a games until Dzuhur, the boys moved to mosque to pray. After we prayed we continued our games until 5o'clock.

After that we went back to our camp and cooked for a competition and for our dinner. Then we pray Maghrib and Isya. Next we moved to a big room, we got a great lesson about Hoax. Then at half to ten we moved to the main field. We did "Api unggun". We had to performance something in front of our friends. It was fun and great. Then at 11 o'clock we went back to our tent to sleep.

We woke up at 4 o'clock, then we prayed shubu…

stadium allianz arena

Allianz Arena [ʔali̯ants ʔaˌʁeːnaː] adalah stadion sepak bola di Munich, Bavaria, Jerman dengan kapasitas tempat duduk 75.000. Dikenal luas untuk panel plastik ETFE yang melonjak, ini adalah stadion pertama di dunia dengan eksterior yang berubah warna. Bertempat di 25 Werner-Heisenberg-Allee di tepi utara kawasan Schwabing-Freimann Munich di Fröttmaning Heath, ini adalah arena terbesar kedua di Jerman di belakang Signal Iduna Park di Dortmund.

Dua klub sepak bola Munich profesional FC Bayern Munich dan TSV 1860 Munich telah memainkan pertandingan kandang mereka di Allianz Arena sejak awal musim 2005-06. Klub sebelumnya telah memainkan pertandingan kandang mereka di Stadion Olimpiade Munich sejak 1972. 1860 Munich sebelumnya memiliki 50% saham di stadion, namun Bayern Munich membeli saham mereka seharga € 11 juta pada bulan April 2006. Pengaturan tersebut memungkinkan 1860 Munich bermain di stadion sementara tetap mempertahankan kepemilikan sampai 2025. Namun, pada bulan Juli 2017 kon…

framhouse lembang presentation

Robi:"Hey, Rifkhi, long time no see, what did you do on your last holiday?"
Rifkhi:"I didn't go anywhere.Where did you go?"
Robi:"So did i. What will you do next holiday?"
Rifkhi:"I will go to Kuningan, how bout u?"
Robi:"I will stay at home."
Rifkhi:"It will be better if you go with me to Kuningan!"
Robi:"Oh sure, i will ask my parent about it."
Rifkhi:"Are you free on Sunday?"
Rifkhi:"Can you accompany me to KFC?"
Robi:"Sure, why not?"
Robi:"What will u do there?"
Rifkhi:"I want to buy a new food in KFC."
Robi:"Rifkhi, i have to go now, i have to watch a new movie in the cinema!"
Rifkhi:"With whom will you do it?"
Robi:"Don't know"
Rifkhi:"Let me accompany you"
Robi:"Oh sure why not"

My grateful moment

On the day saturday i am and friends go to garut using the car at 1 pm, i am and fiends will its going cipanas, on the way toward garut very jammed, iam waiting outside car and long time,after that me walk stor,and buy something,and money iam fall behind bag,then my friends help iam by lending money to iam,and aim very grateful to my friend,
once day at football field

Radhinal : Hello I am Radhinal can i be friend with you?And can i know your know name? Robi        : Oh sure, i am Robi i live in bandung and doing some footbal practice in here? are you                           want to join us? Or watching me practicing? Radhinal :Hahaha, im here for practicing football because there is some big event that will be hold at                  my school. Robi        :By the way where are you live?Im live in cipaera street. Radhinal :I live at pelesiran street , Now im 13 years old and i was born in bandung,03 May                                  2004,And you? Robi        : Well, im 14 years old and i was born in Garut,27 March 2002. I dont know where                                 pelesiran is, Where is it? Radhinal :Hmm, its near with balubur town square, you know? Its like a big market and furniture                        shop. Robi        :Do you have any hobbies? beside football? Radhinal : Well, ehmm Swi…
Its'Me  Assalammualaikum Wr.Wb Hello.My name is Robi Firdaus,came from Bandung,I am live at jl cipaera,My middle school SMPN 20 BANDUNG in jl centeh no 5,My Hobby is football,My birth date 27 macth 2002, My like play football,I am a child of 2 siblings, Now,I study SMA Negeri 3 Bandung,My goal of studying in sma 3 is to be a successful person,Ideals I want to study at ITB or UNPAD and make parents proud. My hobby is fottball, I often play soccer with my friends every afternoon and I idolize CR.Ronaldo and arjen robben,I also idolized the club from Germany that is bayern munchen,I already liked football since 3sd, I have 1 my sister,she Already finished high school unfortunately my sister no Continue to college So just finished high school. My dad is real Died on me still class 2sd,At that time I was very sad and did not expect,The incident was the saddest I ever had Skip in my life, I have very good friends and often play football every afternoonher name is fadhil,adik,noval,thomas…