Assalammualaikum Wr.Wb
Hello.My name is Robi Firdaus,came from Bandung,I am live at jl cipaera,My middle school SMPN 20 BANDUNG in jl centeh no 5,My Hobby is football,My birth date 27 macth 2002, My like play football,I am a child of 2 siblings,
Now,I study SMA Negeri 3 Bandung,My goal of studying in sma 3 is to be a successful person,Ideals I want to study at ITB or UNPAD and make parents proud.
My hobby is fottball, I often play soccer with my friends every afternoon and I idolize CR.Ronaldo and arjen robben,I also idolized the club from Germany that is bayern munchen,I already liked football since 3sd,
I have 1 my sister,she Already finished high school unfortunately my sister no Continue to college So just finished high school.
My dad is real Died on me still class 2sd,At that time I was very sad and did not expect,The incident was the saddest I ever had Skip in my life,
I have very good friends and often play football every afternoonher name is fadhil,adik,noval,thomas,fahreja,fian,rizky and daffa.They are good friends,They are always there when I am happy and sadness,They love to help when I have a problem,
food i like anything the delicious one


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